Hollywood Report Article - get out your red pencils ...

3. Black Ginger (Rue Samuel Fahlberg, Gustavia)

This is really a scoop. This restaurant is so new, barely a month old, that the buzz is barely a whisper. While already getting busy with locals and a few adventurous travelers looking for the hottest and newest, this genuine Thai restaurant delights with its delicious traditional cuisine (try its Kai Sate chicken brochettes in peanut sauce, and their enticing Miengkram shrimp, lemon, ginger and coconut bouchees) spiced up with local fresh fish (but prepared with exotic style), such as Pia Pik Thai Dam(black pepper Mahi Mahi; sounds delectable, but have an oral fire extinguisher nearby just in case…). The interior is fetching, with warm oaken floors, open-to-the-sky roof treatments, huge dome-shaped lighting fixtures, lots and lots of greenery; the whole place feels like you’re sitting in a native retreat near the edge of the beach in Phuket.

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